Welcome To Fanning Music Studio. We are a family owned and operated recording facility located between Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina on the northwestern side of Orangeburg County. No matter your musical style, we have what you need to get the sound you are looking for to record your next project. Although we have recently opened our doors to the public a short time ago, we have been in the music business, playing music, running sound, and live recording for many years, working with many great musicians and bands in our area. The folks at Fanning Music Studio look forward to working with you on your next project



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Fanning Music Studio is dedicated to catering to all your audio needs. Our studio uses a digital based work flow utilizing hard disk recording with the capacity to track a full band at once or individually tracking single musicians. The studio is wired with Mogami Gold cables and uses only the highest quality components carrying the signal from the artist to the digital workstation.  At the current time, we have the ability to record 16 simultaneous tracks and a total capability limit of 128 voiceable audio tracks on a single session recording.  No matter if you are looking for a demo recording or a full production album, we have what you need for your audio production.



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